Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place a business listing?

It's very easy to place an ad: click on the button "Add Listing" above right.

What does it cost to list my business?

We are currently offering free business listings with the options to advance your listing via advertising or by promoting your add on our website.

If I post an ad, will I also get more spam e-mails?

Absolutely not because your email address is not visible on the website.

How do I claim a listing?

You must has a business account with us to claim any listing on our website.  This account is free to sign up, and it is free to claim your listing.

Someone else claimed my listing,  what should I do?

The quickest way to gain ownership of a listing where other user may have claimed by accident or otherwise is to contact us directly at support@autoinclude.com.  Please include the business name, the URL and your relevant information where you can be contacted.  Please allow for up to 14 days for us to start and complete our investigation.  In a rear case, if more time is needed, this will be communicated to you via email.